// An open call for art inspired by the internet

Internet Merch is a new site that curates, sells, and auctions art/merch inspired by the internet. We have a network of collectors and are building auction software. This fall, we're selecting an inagural batch of work for our first auction.  

What are we looking for?

We don't care what medium you work in. Physical or Digital. Jewelry, sculpture, or painting is all game. The only thing we care about is that your work has impact.

We also don't care if you went to art school or if you’ve been in a gallery before. The work we're after is stuff that can stand on its own.

What does Internet Merch provide?

We help sell your work to collectors who understand its longterm value. We help establish the provenance of your work and help you package it for a successful auction.

Why are we doing this?

If we can establish a better avenue for selling internet inspired art our hope is that the work that artists do will get weirder and bigger.