Around this time last year bought the company I spent years pouring my guts into. They acquired scroll kit’s tech, Kate Ray and I joined the team, and the last year has been a blur.

We went from running a niche product to working on a product that powers millions of websites. We launched some projects, pushed for changes, and traveled to Berlin/Florence/Paris/Copenhagen to meet the people who make the unique remote company that is Automattic. I learned an incredible amount in the past year and its bittersweet for me to say it but this is my last month with the company. Kate is staying (she was just promoted to lead a new team), I’m returning to the thing that keeps me up at night: early stage startups.

I don’t want to rush into a new job or a new company. The past five years have flown by and I want time to process and share the things I’ve learned.

But I also have some ideas that I can’t stop thinking about. The number of people who feel comfortable expressing themselves on their screens has exploded in the past few years. It’s gotten easier in a way that was new and is now normal. This isn’t the same for those who make hardware but it could be.

If you’re into robotics or hardware, I would like to buy you coffee.

I’m currently in NYC but will be traveling on the west coast in the next few weeks. 
SF – July 14–20 for the Drone Nationals.
LA – July 20–23
Las Vegas – July 23—27th.


Ping me @codybrown or send me an email: