scroll kit has had a good week

Most every day this year I’ve woken up, pulled a laptop to my bed, and gone to the stats page of scroll kit. This is sometimes a hard tab to open. The stats page lists site errors, info on the number of new users, and most importantly, shows what people have been making with scroll kit.

Some days I’ve been rocked by what I see people do with the tool Kate and I are making. We see epic wedding invitations and press packages from The Philippines. We also see when people get frustrated. They leave because they can’t figure out how to do something or they realize scroll kit gives them more control of the page than they know what to do with. This week a number of our users took control.

One of the most audacious web editorial projects I’ve ever seen launches today. It is 101 individual pages of animated custom content. It has a major sponsor + ad integration, looks great on mobile, and it was built in a week by a small team of designers in scroll kit.

It was one of many cool projects we saw this week. The projects range in form and scope but the people behind them have something in common. They have a vision for a project that breaks the template.

5 scroll kit projects from this week

Joseph Katool
Freelance Designer in Mississippi 
J.J. Jenkins
Editor of Cal Poly's student news site Mustang Daily 
Feature investigation on wolf conservation in Michigan 
Reid Williams
Regional Director of Digital News at Lansing State Journal
Andrew BeanDavid Holmes and Sharon Shattuck
Explainer Music + pandodaily editors
Eric Yang, Ben Bowers, 
Chris Wright
Editors at Gear Patrol 
100 handcrafted pages.
Mobile ready.
Gorgeous custom animation.
It's inspiring to see people craft the stories that are most important to them.

We made scroll kit so you can too.

Take the leap.

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