Hello. My name is Cody and I like to make things for The Internet. I'm obsessed with UX, marketing early stage products, and FPV quadcopter racing. My last company sold to Automattic last year and I'm currently looking for something new and awesome.


scroll kit - 2012-2014 (acquired by Automattic)
nerd collider - 2011
kommons - 2010
nyu local - 2008 ->
Where Your Friends Go When They Die - 2015
Twitter's Root Injustice (TechCrunch) - 2014
Native Ads Aren't Evil (Fast Company) - 2013
The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance is Empathy - 2013
The New York Times Told Me To Take This Down  - 2013
Your Next Book Should be an App (TechCrunch) - 2010
Dear Class of 2010, The Newspaper is Dying. This is Great. (NYU Local) - 2010
A Public Can Talk To Itself - 2009
Send Something Only You Can Make - 2012
codyvbrown at gmail.com